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July 6, 2019 Wood Shelves

Install Pretty Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Shelves

Reclaimed wood kitchen shelves – Because in a kitchen, you never have enough space to store your grocery store, utensils, cookbooks and dishes, wall storage make sense and utility. In addition to decorating your kitchen beautifully. Whether you rent or own, we do not always have the desire. Or the possibility of installing high cupboards in his kitchen. Although they offer the advantage of being closed. And thus protecting your dishes from dust, they are often massive and imposing.

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Whether it is iron shelves with several levels, like String, or simple wooden planks, whether deep or not. What is certain is that you will have the choice, maybe even too much! Whether you decide to buy or make one or more shelves yourself, you need to define your budget, your needs, your desires and make your choice according to all these criteria.

Pure style or accumulation of objects, layout aligned or not, you choose according to your tastes and aspirations. On the open shelves, we install pretty decorative objects, dishes, plants, objects or ingredients that we use every day, promised, dust will not have time to settle! If you cannot pick up wine boxes, you can buy wooden crates or crates in the deco shops. The wooden crates bring a nice decorative touch to the kitchen.

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