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Aug 4th

Step railings – If local building codes require you to install a deck rail? Well, don’t worry, anyone can install a fence with a few simple steps. On several occasions I have had to install a fence to meet the local building code, and if you read, I will show you the 5 easy steps for how to install the deck railing. The first step is easy. Get a square, see the plan for your cover, and marked with the square along the outer headboard and the cavity location for each fence post. The following steps require the use of your drill. Here it is necessary to pre-drill two holes in the base of the fence posts. These two holes are for the bolt to attach the poles to the cover. Carefully and be sure to keep the drill straight.

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Now, one easier step of all. Install the rail posts by latching them onto the deck with a good “through” or “lag” bolt. To place a ledge we need to install a step railings between each pole. Screw the guide between the top of the pole and make sure that they are level or fall evenly distributed as needed. The last step is to install the cornice. Calculate how much a flange, you need between each post and labeling accordingly. Make sure that the space between each baluster of the same wood. Now screw into each wood baluster on the top and bottom, with a minimum of two screws.

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So now we have a nice and attractive fence that will most satisfy most of the local building codes. I gave instructions on how to install the step railings cover attached to the outside of the cavity. However, there are other options. If you plan to install your fence from the outset to build your deck, your housing support poles can be installed to bend like a handrail post cover. So there we have it. Not only do you now know how to install the deck handrail, after you follow the steps mentioned above, you will also see how simple it is to install a deck handrail.

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