Installed Metal Roof Chimney Flashing

Nov 12th

Metal Roof Chimney Flashing – Metal flashing is installed around the base of the chimney to prevent leaks in the roof. The water runs down the slope of the deck and you will find a way to get into the small cracks and gaps between the fireplace and the roof. If the seals are broken caulking around the blinking, the water will seep through them and eventually drip on your ceiling. Repairing these leaks takes a few hours and a diligent approach.

Placing the metal blades or metal roof chimney flashing around the neck of a fireplace allows the water to slide out of it and into the ceiling, thus leaving the fireplace dry and preventing damage. Nail of a waterproof base layer around the base of the chimney. The barrier layer is placed water and nailed directly to the under construction. Measure your fireplace and buy the metal foil using the measurements you took. Buy twice the material as there will be a lot of flapping and folding in order to seal the base of the chimney.

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Cut the material metal roof chimney flashing into strips 4 feet wide. Use metal scissors to start the cut and a strong knife to finish it. Cut in a straight line and make the strip as long as possible. You should have four strips for each side of the fireplace. Fold the strips horizontally, so that each fold should be 2 feet wide. Place a flicker on one side of the fireplace.

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