Installing 3d Decorative Wall Panels

Sep 19th

3d decorative wall panels are a quick and easy way to update the appearance of a room without extensive rebuilding. Wall panels can usually be installed on a weekend soon after the panels have been conditioned to the room. Through redecorating with wall panels, homeowners can hide damaged and uneven walls without the mess of plaster.


Place 3d decorative wall panels in the room where they will be installed at least 48 hours before installation. This will allow the board to be conditioned by the moisture and temperature of the room and prevents the panels from cracking when nailed into place. Sand some wavy or high points in the wall. The side of the wall must be relatively level so that the decorative panel is not bent over a bend of a wall.

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Search for the rules in the wall with a control detector and make a chalk line to mark the location of each bolt. The new 3d decorative wall panels must be nailed to the bolts. Measure the distance between each stud. If the distance is more than 16 inches, horizontal stag must be attached to the wall between the bars so that panels will receive significant support and wood to nail. Fit the horizontal stem 6 inches apart with each end attached to the bolts. Attach as many horizontal stag supports as needed to cover the height of the new decorative panels. This step can be skipped if the distance between the rails is 16 inches or less.

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