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October 24, 2019 Porch Railing

Installing Aluminum Porch Railing

Aluminum porch railing is used in many applications around homes including front porches. They are similar to wrought iron railings in appearance, but have some advantages. Aluminum railings do not rust and are maintenance free. Finished on a dust-coated surface with lifetime warranty, they are very strong and can handle the elements well. Installation of these rails is quite simple, as all the rails are already mounted and the posts are for the rails.

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Measure the size of the concrete gantry to find out how much material is needed. Each aluminum porch railing will be six feet in length and there will be a post between each piece. As some may need to be cut to fit the figure in an extra piece.

Aluminum porch railing, bolt the floor flange first into the concrete at the bottom of the canopy or from the desired starting point. Drill the two screws provided in the concrete with a concrete drill through the holes in the floor flange. Slide the pre-drilled post into the flange and put the screws through the holes to secure the post to the flange. Tighten the bolts with a wrench. Move six feet to the porch and repeat the process of first installation of the floor flange and then going to the post.

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