Installing Wall Moulding Panels

Dec 31st

Wall moulding panels – Molding refers to trim (usually wood) that clings the edges of windows, doors or walls. The most common type of wall casting that a homeowner has to deal with is along the base of the walls, on the floor. That line is almost always trimmed. There are a few different ways to do that, with the most basic being simple editing tools to connect pieces where they meet in the corners.


Select an inside corner of the room where you want to start the casting. Choose a piece of casting that’s longer than that wall moulding panels. Set casting on a saw, standing against the rear support of the saw as it will stand against the wall. Place the end of the profile (the side that will go to the corner where you’ll start) under the sheet, with a few inches of space on the other side of it. Turn the blade 45 degrees, so it’s pointing the long end of the trim. Start the saw and cut the play.

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Measure the wall moulding panels from the corner to the end. Transfer this measurement to bit trim, beginning at the back of the headband section as you did. If the end of the wall is an inner corner, turn the blade 45 degrees inward, towards the long side of the trim. If this purpose is an outside corner, turn the knife 45 degrees outwards, away from the long side of the trim. Make the cut. Repeat for each part of casting around the room, cutting miters based on what kind of corner it is. Put the pieces together along the bottom of the walls to ensure that the miters fit properly.

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