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November 2, 2019 Garage Door

Instruction Stanley Garage Door Opener

Stanley Garage Door Opener – A Stanley garage door that is powered by an automatism. The can opener is a remote control programmed to work specifically with a Stanley garage door unit. The garage door kit comes with two programmable controls and users can purchase additional controls from the company. Programming the commands requires only a few steps. Unscrew the two small screws on the bottom of the remote control. Remove the battery cover.

Put two batteries size 2016 (available in the big stores and hardware stores supplier) in the lock release. Put the cover again. Set up a ladder below the stanley garage door opener power unit. Climbing up to the top to the back of the unit is easily accessible. Have a friend hold the bottom of the ladder as a safety precaution. Press and hold the “R” (remote) button on the back of the unit under the red light. The red light and the power lights on the power unit will light up.

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Press and hold the button you want to operate the stanley garage door opener until the lights blink twice. Release the lock release button. Press the button in step 4 again to activate the garage door opener. Repeat steps 1 through 5 for any additional can openers you wish to program. Program another button on the remote control to turn on the lights by pressing the “R” button on the power unit, then press another button on the opener until the lights blink twice.

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