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Instructions for Installing Solid Wood Murphy bed

Solid wood Murphy bed with Ask anyone living in a small apartment what their living space needs most. Then the apartment bedroom could be used as an open study, entertainment area or living room. An apartment bedroom with a Murphy bed mechanism mounted on a wall could increase usable living space by up to 30 percent.


Place the mattress frame on the floor oriented so that the mattress would face the ceiling. Take two cover boards and secure them to the hinges on the Murphy bed. Connect the two casing boards with a support member and secure the support to the casing boards with screws. Drill holes in the casing boards to prevent splitting wood where the screw goes into it. Pull up on the casing boards until they are in the vertical position. Attach a board at the ends of the two mantle boards to create the rectangular case the wood Murphy bed will fold in when not in use.

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Use C-clamps to hold the end cap in place for adjustments to fit. Close the solid wood Murphy bed in its case with C-clamps that hold the frame together to make sure the bed fits straight into the housing. Use a drill to screw the frame together and remove the C clips. Connect the wrap arms that help in opening and closing the Murphy bed. The two luminaire shocks connect at one end to the bed frame and at one end to the frame housing. Slide each loop of the anchor shock over the anchor pin and lock into place using a Cottar pin or lock nut.

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