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Sep 18th

Many people are not aware of true power they have with a modern floor lamp. They are very useful to create cozy spaces or to realize tasks that need a light a little more directed. Usually used in salons or dining rooms. Below I will give you a series of very interesting ideas to place standing lamps in this room. You will notice that options are endless. Chosen ones are of modern style that is one that generally we have all in our home. Let us first analyze layout of living room, with sofa and two chairs facing each other. As you see, placing floor lamp right next to one of them will help you read, sew without any trouble that you cannot see well.

Lamp is quite original with a body from wood, which looks great with one on shelf and large tulip made in cloth. Retro floor lamp: This lamp also has LED lighting, in this case adjustable. So you can set intensity of light you need in each case. Two lights also, one upper and one lower that you can direct to where you want. General design of modern floor lamp is modern and contemporary style composed of fine metallic lines with chrome finish and “saucer” on top.

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Picture of environment suggests another fantastic idea to light room. Just by sofa, lie down and enjoy reading and relaxing. Foot turn: This lamp says, it keeps a more conservative design than previous ones. More classic, with a type of tulip very use in ceiling lamps or tabletop of this style. Main structure does not have many aspects to emphasize. It is create of metal with matt nickel finish and tulip is white. As you see, it is place just behind sofa and its function is fundamentally decorative since. Unlike previous ones, it does not have arm to direct light to where you want. However, it can be perfectly sufficient with light it emits.

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Whizz modern floor lamp: It is a very comfortable lamp and easy to use. Since you can go moving tulip along structure to place it just to height that you need. This allows you to read without problems on sofa or armchair, with a good light, regardless of height at which they are. As seen in picture, tulip is almost completely down. As for its physical appearance, we see how it is made of metal, with tulip finishing in gold color and black structure, to give it a very beautiful vintage / modern touch.

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