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May 15, 2019 Wood Bed

Just To Look at Wood Bed Frame Queen

What you also have to take into account is the bearing capacity of the entire construction. With a wood bed frame queen is no problem (you can easily put a few hundred kilos on it), but if you want to make a more elegant design, aesthetics and functionality sometimes conflict. Here too it is important to consult someone who has more experience with making furniture, for example at a public workplace.

What can also help is just to look at many examples. On this page I have placed some pictures of my double bed. Although it is a very high bed (easy for getting up), with legs on the inside, it still works very well! Another way of joining is through joining fittings: with a bowl hinge cutter you then make a hole in the wood where the batter can go.

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The other piece of wood then has some pins, which can then be pulled more tightly through the fitting. The public workshop knows a bit more about this, or you can consult your favorite search engine about this. These were not all types of wood connections, there are many more, it really is a profession in itself. At a public workplace they can also often help you with which choices to make and where to buy the connection materials!

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