Leather Platform Bed Headboard

Nov 17th

There seems to be a misconception about the color options out there for a leather platform bed headboard. You may be surprised to learn that you can get a leather headboard in a vast array of colors, from light creams and ivory tones to deep blues and midnight black. Not only that, but there are a number of style, size, and shape choices available to you. You can truly find the perfect platform bed headboard for you and your bedroom.

Just where you should put your platform bed headboard? You have undoubtedly picked out a place in your bedroom already. Now it’s time to bring out the tape measure and begin writing down some numbers. When deciding the height of the headboard, be sure to measure about half-way up the wall. This is the maximum height you will want your headboard to be (it is optimal to find a headboard between the midway point, and a few inches below). The reason for this is that a taller headboard will make your ceiling look lower, and make your bedroom appear much smaller than it actually is – not an attractive idea! You will also want to measure the size of your mattress and box spring as well as the bed frame. This is important in order to be certain that there will be good fit with the headboard and your bed.

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Now it’s time to check out the color scheme you may currently have in your bedroom. If a lot of the furniture in the room is black, then you will probably want to have the platform bed headboard that color as well. If you have brown leather in the room already, do not consider purchasing a black or red leather headboard; stick with a brown hue close to the same colors already existing in the room. As mentioned above, do not fear: leather headboards come in many different colors and shades, so you certainly will be able to find a color that will suit you. Now let’s talk about style. You may be surprised to find out that headboards do not just come in that basic rectangular shape. There are many different styles of leather headboards rounded shapes, oblong shapes, and many more.

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