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Nov 23rd

Copper chimney pots – correct functioning of a chimney is based on 2 fundamental principles. First, smoke outlet is produced by air of home being warmer than outside, which makes it lighter and ascend chimney to outside. Secondly, for combustion to occur properly it must have enough oxygen, so it is not recommended that room is airtight; better if there is some air in it. In addition, you must take into account

Smoke outlet must be as straight as possible so that smoke is evacuated without obstacles. If room is reduced, we must have an entrance of outside air to not run out of oxygen in smoke-free copper chimney pots it is preferable that flue pipe is round to facilitate spiral movement of smoke and gases. It is also important that it has same thickness throughout its length.

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To start copper chimney pots, first thing you have to do is watch shot open. Place newsprint as a base for a thin layer of dries firewood (you can also use ignition pads), stack thick firewood on pyramid base and leave some space between logs for air to circulate. If black smoke starts to appear, it is because there is little oxygen. Remove it with poker. Place thick logs when fire is already in fullness and you will not have to be fanning it every two by three. In addition, it takes longer to burn.

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