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November 20, 2020 Bedroom

Luxurious Beauty of Chandeliers for Bedrooms

Chandeliers for bedrooms are other beautiful accessories you can pick to add such luxurious sensation into bedrooms. Usually, chandelier is hung in kitchen or living room, but some people is also hung it in bedroom. Chandelier comes with variety of types and sizes. Hence, it makes you can easily choose any chandelier which is perfect to you. However, since chandelier has variant of types and sizes you need to carefully determine which one of those chandeliers are perfect to you.

Some Types of Chandeliers for Bedrooms

Yes, you have many options to opt your desire chandelier. Here are some recommendations for you before you decide to purchase it. Glass is type of chandelier with all of it made from glass. It has many designs and styles you can pick. Moreover, this typical chandelier is easy to maintain. Brass is another type of chandelier which has power to beat corrosion. The weakness of this chandelier is not easy to maintain, moreover you need to keep polish it to maintain its shiny appearance. If you like something antique, Victorian type is perfect for you then. The inspiration comes from the early 19th century. The others types of chandeliers you can choose are capodimonte, crystal, beaded and drum.

The Perfect Height to Hang Bedroom’s Chandeliers

Different place means you need to hang chandelier in different height. You cannot give a same treatment for each place. It needs different height toward hanging chandelier for kitchen, dining room, foyer, hallways, and bedroom. Let we ignore the others four and focus on bedroom’s chandelier. According to the purposes of lighting there are three ways to hang chandelier in your bedroom. For the effectiveness of the light to cover around the bedroom, you need to hang the chandelier in the middle of the ceiling about 7 feet height. If you want to give a nice statement toward your bedroom table then you can hang it above the table about 36 inches. You can also hang the chandelier above to bed so you can easily admire it beauty, but you need to make sure that its height is about 6 inches above your head.

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