Maintenance Aluminum Privacy Fence

Nov 17th

Aluminum privacy fence – You may have just had an aluminum fence installed. Perhaps you have had one for years. Or maybe you’re thinking of getting one and want to see what maintenance will be if you go through it. Keep your bushes and trees cut back from the fence. They can grow into your fence and cause problems with the fence. Painting your aluminum privacy fence is an option. You may have to use dough to remove any powder back on it, whose power spraying does not get it all out of your fence. When your fence is thoroughly clean, now you can paint it. My suggestion is to use outdoor latex paint and some primer.  I’ve heard that the spraying paint works best, but I have not tried it.

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Once you have done this, you can keep the paint looking fresh by applying a fresh layer when necessary. If you have bought your fence material pre-toned and you want to fix a few spots, you can use touch-up paint from the manufacturer of your fence. Getting enough paint to touch large areas of your aluminum privacy fence can prove difficult through some manufacturers. Apparent people tend to simply replace the fence when it starts looking a bit worn.

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Keep your fence clean. This one is a bit an obvious but worth mentioning anyway. You can use soap and water, or just a powerful hose spray of water. If you have problems with your aluminum privacy fence, contact a professional.

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