Make a Creative Wine Bottle Coaster

Apr 4th

When the cork has popped and the wine has had what can you do with all these bottles of leftover wine? If you are a wine drinker, you probably throw away the plug every time you finish a bottle of wine. Or maybe you have a collection of wine plugs, you do not know what to do with, but cannot seem to throw away. Wine sticks can be used for a wide range of crafts, so keep building your collection or start one now. So you can make craft that is both decorative and useful. Then, will using what for? Yeach, the wine bottle coaster.

However, crafts are a great way to educate and entertain the children, but craftsmanship is just as fun for adults. Several craft projects make use of recycled items is very delightful. Certainly. Table cutters and coasters; Wine stews make excellent table makers and coasters because they are durable, attractive and creative. The main difference between wine cork table cutters and coasters are the size of the image you are using. You must buy a wooden frame from a craft shop, discount shop or even a recycled shop.

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Buy a smaller frame to make a wine bottle coaster. If you are able to find a picture you like, you can also buy wood or plastic squares from a craft shop. Simply glue patches along to the frame backing or a piece of wood. Create patterns by placing plugs in different angles, in different shapes, or rotating between horizontal and vertical locations. You can also cling a small streak of blanket on the back of each corner to prevent table scraps or coaster from scratches tables or worktops.

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Old paper sticks can used to make coasters for glasses. For this project, all kinds of paper can be used. Whether its paper, magazine cut outs, wallpaper, or craft wrapping paper. The wine bottle coaster bottom must made from clear 3 1/2 inch glass windows is 1/4 inch thick. This can cut and brushed by a glazier or at home. Scratch the paper should cut to the same size as the glass panes. The paper is attached to the bottom of the glass with the colored side up so it can seen through the glass. Clear drying decoupage glue can used to attach the paper to the bottom. That is very easy and delightful project. Aren’t it? So, don’t forget to try it. The end.

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