Make a Wood Fired Oven Chimney

Dec 12th

Wood fired oven chimney – A pizza oven allows home or property owner the opportunity to entertain guests with homemade pizza or just to have a place to bake dinner when the desire for the taste of wood-fired pizza takes over. Ovens are made almost entirely of brick and block, from firebrick cinder block to the glass used in the furnace wood fired oven chimney. Refractory bricks meter a little larger than the standard size of red clay based bricks. They also have a sandy white hat, no ink and discolor from use. Brick made of refractory, a clay that is not only resistant to heat, but also conducts heat poorly, which means that it will not lose heat, – a preferred insulator for the furnace interior.

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An ordinary brick, the common style of brick are recognized by most people, are slightly smaller than firebrick and is made of common clay versus refractory. Bricks of this type are used on the furnace outside, around the circumference of firebrick, normally to add extra insulation to prevent the heat from escaping. These blocks are also used decoratively around the wood fired oven chimney, as well as to provide arch support.

Common ash blocks are used as the base of the wood fired oven chimney and is available in 8, 10 and 12-inch lengths. The larger 12-inch blocks are of course more expensive. Should the contractor wish, thinner half-blocks are also available, half of a 10-inch block thickness and can be used to build a partition wall between the base to give two storage lockers to the tree. Sometimes referred to as a glass block, the brick is made of tempered glass and are extremely resistant to burns and high furnace temperatures.

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