Make Hanging Headboard Queen Bed

Feb 17th

Headboard queen bed – To do this project, things you needs are, measuring tape, plywood, jigsaw, 2-inch thick duvet padded furniture fabric hotel offer Fuse slide mounts, mounting screws, electric drill and screwdriver. For the instruction, starting with measure the width of your bed frame and add 2 inches to the total. Wrap the plywood flat and leave at least 4 inches of plaque on all sides. Next, lay fabric flat and place the plywood on top of it, wicker downwards.

Cut the fabric to size, leaving at least 4 inches of excess on each edge to wrap around the back of the plywood. Staple the edges of the fabric to the back of the plywood. Trim excess plate wash and fabric from the back of the plywood. Hammer decorative pins, buttons or other accessories into the face of the headboard queen bed. Spread them evenly, make a pattern or follow a level line around the edges of the headboard. Measure and mark two spots 3 inches from the top and 3 inches from each side on the back of the headboard.

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Screw one side of a fuse slide mount into plywood at each mark, slide downwards. Hold the headboard queen bed on the wall where you want it fitted. Check for level and mark the top corners. Set the headboard aside. Measure 3 inches in the middle and down from each corner labeled. Select the new location and delete the original corner marks. Screw the other half of the mounting brackets into the wall at each point, push upwards. Hold the headrest up to the fittings and push the fittings into each other.

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