How to Make Moving Hanging Room Dividers

Dec 5th

Hanging room dividers – Division an area can be a challenge when the space serves multiple purposes. The best option for those who need some privacy sometimes and open space others is to create a set of moving space divisions. These compartments easily slide along a plastic-coated wire to move freely in straight lines. The best thing about the moving divisions is that you can make them from almost anything. However, the most versatile material for these panels is fabric.

Make moving hanging room dividers, measure area you want to block. Record length and height. Measure the fabric and determine how many panels it takes to cover the space. Typically the fabric is 36 inches wide; but you can find some that are 42 inches above. Four inches of width will be seam, so subtract it from the fabric width. Cut the panels to the height of the area you want to block plus four inches for the seam allowance. Fold the fabric over an inch and secure with a pin. Sew a 1/2 inch seam all the way around the panels. Fold the sides of the panels over two inches and sew along the edge of the fabric to create a tube on each side of the panel.

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Put wooden plugs in the pipes on each side of the fabric panels. Depending on the height of the room, you may need two thumbs per tube per panel to make best hanging room dividers. And then sew the upper and lower edges of the tubes closed to keep dummies in. Then measure down from the ceiling about one inch or more if desired, and drill a test hole for the threaded hooks. If you do not use walls, you can screw the hooks into the ceiling just as easily. Thread a thread clip to the end of the aircraft thread. Hook the hook end of the vane screw to the threaded hook and move the thread through the upper tube of fabric panels.

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Stretch wire to next thread hook and cut wire with about three to six inches of extra cable. Wood on a thread clip. Then thread the end of the thread through the loop end of another threaded screw. Take the end back through the thread clip. Hook the hook end of the threaded screw with the threaded hook and pull the end of the thread. Drag the thread clip. Tighten the vane screws until the thread is stretched over the space without rinsing.

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