Make Tie on Wing Recliner Slipcover

Dec 2nd

Wing recliner slipcover – Stains or worn areas of coverage in a reclining chair making a simple sheath. The curtains slipcover over the chair and are closed with loops on each side of the chair back. A second piece of fabric curtains on the seat of the recliner and two sides. Use heavier weight fabric, such as velvet or satin, to make a sheath that will not deplete quickly. If you intend to wash the cover in the washer, wash and dry the fabric before assembling the cover so that it does not shrink after performing the cover. Start at the bottom edge of the lounger on the left side and measure from the left side, from the inside left side to the seat, over the seat width, the right inner side and the right side. Add 2 inches to this measurement for a seam allowance.

Start from the bottom edge of the back of the recliner and the height of the back, at the front of the recliner in the seat, through the depth of the seat and the front of the chair to the floor. Add 20 inches to this measure for the seam allowance and to allow the wing recliner slipcover seat. Measure the width of the chair at the widest. Measure the depth of the chair at the deepest. Fold all four sides of fabric to more than half an inch, then over another half inch and pin. Sew along the inner edge.

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Fabric curtains wing recliner slipcover, from the bottom edge on the left side to the bottom edge on the right side. Push the fabric down so that it is flat against the surface of the lounger. Feel where the reclining handle is, on the one hand. Trace around the fabric handle with the marker, and then cut along the drawn lines. Sew the raw edge of the trimming cut with a zigzag stitch so the fabric does not get tangled.

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A fabric curtain over the top, which covers the recliner from side to side. You will have a slightly deformed “+” of the fabric on the chair. Pin the tissues together along the inner edge of the seat. Carefully remove the fabric from the chair. Stitch along the nailed-lines next to join the two pieces of fabric. After sewing, hang on the chair again. Cut eight 8-inch pieces of tape for each side of the recliner, for a total of 16. Pin the sleeves tapes along the top rear of the recliner. You want four pairs of ribbon on the left side of the chair and four pairs on the right side. Hand-sew the ribbon in place, knot each pair together in a bow.

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