Making Queen Wood Bed Frame

Feb 4th

Queen wood bed frame – A queen bed frame is a stylistic compliment to any decor. Bed frame gives you enough space for a couple of lying on the bed to hug or have their own space. Queen bed provides sleeping space without taking up too much space in the room as a whole. Building a queen bed frame is not a difficult task if the proper tools and wood are provided. Choose a sturdy wood such as pine or maple. Fit, with 3 1/8 inch wood screws, an 80-inch long board 2 by 6, a side board, ten inches from the top of a 4 by 4 31 inches long, this is a head post. Repeat with the other 80-inch 2-by-6 and 31-inch 4-by-4.

Build queen wood bed frame, attaching two support rails measures 80-inches 2 by 4, with wood screws 3 1/8 inch, flush with the bottom of the sideboards, connecting both sides. Place the dots support rails from the end of the 20-inch and 50-inch sideboards category from the end of the sideboards. Router 4-inch square grooves on a 2-by-4-inch support beam 80 in 20 inches. From the end and 50 inches from the end of it. Router a 4-inch square groove into two 2-by-4 long blocks 8 inches.

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Screw, with wood screws 3 1/8 inch, one block in the middle of a long 2-by-6 headboard 60 inches and the other block in the middle of a 60-inch long 2-by-6-board standing. Use 1/4 inch screws to attach one-half of a suspension rail to each of the four 4 by 4 posts, one inch of the cover inside the dashboard where the headboard and footboard go. Use 1/4-inch screws on the halter rail hooks corresponding to the ends of the headboard and foot board. Fix the corresponding rail pieces to connect all four pieces of the queen bed frame.

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Place the support beam on the support blocks and on the support rails queen wood bed frame. This will fit very well, which makes for better support. Place the base inside the queen plywood bed. Finish the bed by staining or painting any desired color. And allowing the stain to dry for 48 hours before putting mattresses or bedding on the frame. Instead of rail suspension assemblies, 8-inch bolts can be used. Using thicker battens for the bed base provides more support than several slender slats. If simply having two slats does not feel strong enough, more can be added, but they keep thick and wide. Always keep power tools away from children and wear safety glasses.

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