Making Wooden Wall Shelves

Oct 17th

How to make wooden wall shelves. With floating wooden shelves you have a double advantage.  On the one hand, these allow us to give a touch of personality when decorating all the rooms of the house. And on the other hand, we offer a storage space on the wall which will be most useful. Especially if we have very little space or the rooms are very small. These types of shelves are very fashionable in modern decor. Visually they are very pretty as they have an ethereal effect that looks like suspended on the wall. This is because the anchors are hidden in the wall and the optical sensation is as if they float. The key to these shelves is that if there are only fixing hardware that can not be seen. They are hidden between the wall and the shelf itself.

First of all it is important to know what we are going to put on the shelves. To determine the weight they will have to endure. It is not the same to put light decorative objects that books that by their size can be heavy. There are different ways to install wooden wall shelves. One of the most common is using a rail that is fixed to the wall and from which are fixed rods or expansive wedges inside the wall that anchor the shelf as you can see in the photograph. The way of installation depends on the weight that we are going to put on the shelves.

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It is important to take into account the weight that will support the perfect wooden wall shelves. If you are decorating light objects or books, pots or other heavy objects. Generally the shelf at many stores IKEA type furniture comes with suitable fastening systems. If you need a shelf to support more weight for example in the kitchen you can use wooden rails every five or ten centimeters that will keep the shelf firm. Still, for large weights, you should use a shelf or shelves with brackets. Another way of placing different is with a piece of wood screwed to wall, the shelf will have a recess that will fit in the piece of the wall and is fixed with special glue and then with nails in the part superior.

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The walls lined or decorated with wood resolve in a warm and elegant way the balance of any area of ​​the house. Whether in the living room, in the dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom and even the bathroom allow this resource. The wood, whether in laminate or natural, in tables, recycled pallets or blocks of various textures. Always implies a connection with the natural that, today, helps the mind to relax and relax.

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