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Measuring Install a Chain Link Fence Screen

Chain link fence screen – When installing a chain link fence, it is important to measure the distance between positions just as the fence looks uniform. The space for the gate must also be measured correctly, then the gate will oscillate properly and to remain safe when folded. Add your gate out first on the ground, fully fitted before installing to make sure it will install accurately.

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Measure the length of your hinges as they sit when is attached to the gate and chain link fence screen. Then measure the gate lock, which it puts at the gate to the place where it clamps around the post. Add the length of the hinges on the door to the length of the gate itself. Then add the length of the spread from the port in which it will clamp around the post.

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Set the posts so that the gate hinges reach a position and lock on the other side surrounds other posts securely. Be sure to leave a space between the ports if you use a double swing gate of chain link fence screen.

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