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November 1, 2019 Garage Door

Modern and Sensational 9×10 Garage Door

9×10 garage door always have a more stately presence than the main entrance: it’s large size impacts, and let’s not talk about those large garages that can accommodate two or more cars inside. Most doors are presented in metallic alternatives, such as iron or stainless steel, or in wood; although for the interior garages one can also opt for the lightweight and resistant PVC.

The tendency is that these 9×10 garage door are automated, and can be of the roller type, with extendable arms, or that move to one side. Judging by its size, it can quietly house two or more cars. To be consistent with the rest of the design, it is presented in dark wood planks, which fold and rise at the top.

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A detail of good taste is the window with translucent glass, which allows light to enter the interior of the garage, but which avoids the prying eyes of the outside. However, safety comes first, and the wooden boards can look nice, but they would not work for the 9×10 garage door. For this reason, a steel gate was used, of the roller type, where the plates accumulate on the roof to allow free passage to the vehicle.

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