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June 20, 2019 Wood Bed

Modern Wood Bed Design in Many Style

Modern Wood Bed Design – When decorating your bedroom, there are many ways to make the bed itself part of the decoration. If it is not the main feature of the room. With classic and modern styles of wooden bed frames and furniture. You can improve the decoration of your area to sleep and turn your bed into a visual centerpiece.

Many contemporary bedroom styles incorporate a platform bed in the decoration. Although there are a variety of colors and styles of platform bed frames. The basic structure is an elegant and simple wooden frame, with a flat wooden plank covering and enclosing the frame or base. Furthermore, there is no need for a box spring with this frame style of the wooden bed. As the platform is built to support the weight of the mattress and occupants. There are several variations of this style. Some in which the sides of the mattress are exposed for a similar pedestal effect closed edges for a box-type look. Or, some with drawers under the concealed storage platform.

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Sleigh beds are an elegant and old-fashioned style of wooden bed frame that is very popular in many bedroom designs. Wood split and stirrups are installed at each end of the structure. And, it is carved into S-shaped sections that extend to the width of the bed at each end. Furthermore, the section of the head is 2 to 4 feet high, and the foot of the bed a little lower. Sleigh beds are available in several styles. That is from modern contemporary to mid-1800s French Louis-Philippe designs for a classic antique decor.

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