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August 4, 2019 Wall Panels Design

Modular Wall Panels Display

Modular wall panels – Anyone can order a prefabricated module wall display, but using odd vintage and found wall storage records showcase your favorite collection. Versatile modular displays let you showcase small decorative items like vintage toys or larger items, such as books. Half storage, half wall art, these hybrids can be made from a variety of objects.

Cans Packaging

Popcorn, cakes and fruit cake are packed in gift boxes, most of which end up in secondhand stores at a low price. Use a group of them, with or without caps, to make a modular wall panels. Screw them on the wall through the bottom of each tin, use or screw, for a display suitable for light objects such as small dolls or paper collectibles. Cheese and desserts are available in square or triangular cans. A pie form a series of triangle cans grouped in a circle-making a cold wall construction.

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Hat Boxes

Hatboxes are good for storage. Cut a piece of ΒΌ inch plywood size and shape of your box bottom and thread it on the inside for reinforcement. Use screws to secure the modular wall panels. Store vintage hats, scarves and gloves in them for a colorful show. Customize pre-purchased or build custom modular cube screens for heavier items such as old books or glass collectibles.

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