Mosaic Mirrored Wall Panel Design

Sep 22nd

Mosaic mirrored wall panel – While a large mirror can be both practical and add to your home decor, the process of mounting it on the wall is a challenge. Big mirrors, especially those in ornate frames, tend to be quite heavy. Because of this, regular nails may not be sturdy enough to support your big mirror. The correct materials for mounting a heavy image or mirror often come as a package that you can buy at your local hardware store.


Have one or two volunteers hold the mosaic mirrored wall panel against the wall at the place where you want to mount it. Trace around the four corners of the mirror on the wall with the pen. Set the mirror aside. Measure one third of the road from both the upper left and right corners. Mark each place with your pen; create two eco-friendly tags along where the top of the frame would be. Repeat this step with the lower left and right corners. Position control detector against these four markings to see if there is a stud behind any of them. In that case you may need to move the mirror mode, or find a new location.

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Insert a screw in each mark with the screwdriver. Remove the screw leaving four holes. Insert an anchor bolt into each hole and tighten them firmly. Mosaic mirrored wall panel can place a screw with the fasteners in each hole and screw them into the bolts in all four places. Have your volunteer’s help you pick up the mirror and slide it so that the edge of the mirror is within console slots. Step back (as the volunteers continue to hold the mirror) to be sure it is even and straight.

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