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June 21, 2019 Wood Bed

Natural Wood Bed Frame Near the Floor

Natural Wood Bed Frame – If you want your bed to sit near the floor, try building your own wooden platform. This allows you to choose the exact height of the bed, along with the color. If you prefer a natural look, you can use a clear waterproof sealer that allows the grain of the wood to show through instead of covering it with paint. Building your own bed platform will also save you money when buying a pre-fabricated one from a furniture store.

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Decide how high you want the bed to sit off the ground. Buy the right size of the wood for your desired bed height. Measure the mattress that is placed on the top of the wooden bed frame. Subtract one or two inches of measurement from each side so the mattress will hang over the edge of the frame. Cut two side pieces of wood and two pieces of the ends with an electric saw, following the measurements you made in step two.

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Cut a piece of wood the same length as the pieces at the ends of your box. Set this piece in the box so that it sits in the support center. Measure and cut a piece of half-inch thick wood so that it covers the box-shaped frame you just built. You may have to use two panels of plywood to cover the frame for a large mattress. Cover the entire bed platform and frame with the finish of your choice.

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