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June 23, 2019 Wood Shelves

Natural Wood Floating Shelves Ideas

Natural wood floating shelves are quite simple, both in assembly and construction procedures. The materials needed to assemble them consist of a rectangular shelf and screws or installation brackets. When you want to mount the floating shelf, follow the basic steps and tips to make sure it does not fall down or permanently damage the wall. Instead, install the floating shelf one step at a time to make sure you are following the proper procedures.

Install shelving brackets on the wall, if the floating platform will carry heavier items, such as books or electronic devices. Edge of the shelf support up to the wall and assembly, using the marks made with the wall finder. Use 3-inch long screws when installing the shelf bracket to the wall to ensure the screws reach the wall studs. Once they are secured, place the floating platform on the top of the shelf bracket and place the shelf on the brackets with the small screws and a screwdriver.

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Use wooden dowels for the shelves that will not have much floating weight. Drill holes in the wall and insert the long wooden dowels into the wall. Wood dowels should protrude from the wall at least 1/2 inch to one inch. Drill 1/2 inch to a hole one inch long on the side of the floating platform, so that the wooden dowel of the wall can be inserted into the shelf. To hang the shelf, push the platform to the protruding wooden pegs until the platform is secure.

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