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Nature Style Wood Porch Railing Design

Wood Porch Railing – Porches are designed for comfort and relaxation. The wooden lane on the front edge of a porch frames your view of the world. A classic wooden lane not only provides security but adds architectural details. Most wooden rails are built as a unit, with an upper and lower rail with vertical spindles that connect the two every 4 inches. The rail sections are typically supported by two columns of the wooden porch.

Sand each wood porch railing section of the gallery thoroughly and apply a primer coat to the painted rails or spot a lane that will have natural grain using a soft bristle brush. Allow the finish to dry completely. Measure the distance between two columns on the porch and cut the top and bottom rail of the rail section to fit with a circular saw. Sand the cutting edges of the porch rail section with an electric sander or random orbit.

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Cut two 3-inch-high wooden spacers to lift the lower rail of the porch deck with a circular saw. Set a spacer near each column to support the ends of the wood porch railing section at the proper height. Adjust the rail over the spacers. Use a level to check the rail and adjust as necessary. Mark the height of the lower part of the upper bar and the upper part of the lower rail of the gantry columns.

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