Next Generation for Office Storage Cabinets

Dec 2nd

The pencil of a brilliant hand meets incredible innovative materials and produces multifaceted furnishings. New colors and shapes cross geometric lines that are shaping from unobtrusive design. Apparently simple and unpretentious office storage cabinets turn out to reveal multifunctional features. That does not take room for the environment. Modular modules such as Lego pieces of a child are attracted to powerful magnets by assembling two-part furniture pieces. Shelving on a wall design is with square niches where the “concave / convex” game becomes the true protagonist.

Thus a new concept is born where a functional decorative element can become a framework that enriches a sterile and non-character wall. LED lighting profiles follow the rigidity of the office storage cabinets design. Giving perfect lighting effects as background lighting and practicality to quickly find documents and catalogs within the niches. Next-generation office storage cabinets will no longer feature traditional handles. Opening and closing the doors with Push-Pull method will provide linearity to the furniture by giving a more modern and contemporary product. Materials are also renewed. Farewell to laminated wood that remembers dusty libraries and yellowed post offices.

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In their place they place resins and chromed metals together with lacquered oak. To dye the walls of the current workplace novelty. The red will be perfect for architectural studies in which color accents will give magic inspirations to the Chinas in the hands of avant-garde geometers. Pastel colors for state offices where, as the flow of moving people continues, the perspective of the context. Classic shades for professional studios of important lawyers in ancient structures where roots and wedge offer traditional ideas. Huge airy spaces characterize the most current offices of the major metropolitan cities. Doors mark an off-limits zone, while the new trend is base on team sharing and teamwork.

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To make the best, you need to have the cards. Also documents you need and the office storage cabinets become indispensable in new loft furnishings. To divide the spaces without using plaster walls, we can make real office storage cabinets that meet a dual function. Separate and at the same time hold. The design of this kind of office cabinets will characterized by a greater depth and spacing of space sin a mirror. In this way, with only one element of furniture we will meet two environments that do not communicate with each other. Neutral shades will be suitable for office cabinets. These by dying shades of light in order to not disturb the view with shock colors. So,

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