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November 27, 2019 Modern Nightstands

Nice Floating Shelf Nightstand for Space Problem

Although not a great solution to space problems, because if there is no room on the sides of the bed to the nightstands, this also fits visually one table of floating shelf nightstand is much lighter than normal, and that’s of interest especially in small bedrooms. At a functional level it is more than enough and at a decorative level it has great advantages.

Actually, the legs of the table are useless and if the floating shelf nightstand comes with drawers or doors to the floor, provides an auxiliary storage space, but its volume, never be essential. The only thing that is really needed next to the bed is a small surface where you can place a book, an alarm clock, a small lamp, a handkerchief or a glass of water, if we also have a drawer, the set will be almost perfect.

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That is why the floating shelf nightstand, anchored in the wall , next to the bed, which occupies the minimum possible volume, has always seemed a good idea, in fact I still have one in the bedroom that I keep in my parents’ house, that is something small and does a great service next to the bed, leaving almost all the space free. Although it seems to be an insignificant detail, the change from a normal table to this is significant, if you have a small bedroom, try and see the difference.

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