Original Diy Ideas for Antique Coat Hooks

Jun 26th

In many occasions we have seen how to make our own furniture. Or decorative objects from most genial and extravagant ideas. In today’s article we will also follow line of crafts to discover these original DIY ideas for wall antique coat hooks. Which you can do very simply and with all kinds of objects of discard. Hangers are never enough, but in case you have one with one of its sides deteriorated. Or you discover an exceptionally economic promotion, perhaps you can do with 3 or 4 wooden hangers. Which you will have to cut some of its sides, leaving a certain length of handle that allows you to nail it to a panel also made of wood. Thus, you get a wall hanger that will serve as much to hang a bag or coat, as hats.

Surely designer Dominic Wilcox was thinking of getting rid of a lot of old brushes when he had this great ideas. Because you cannot catalog otherwise these original creations arisen from recycling of a brush in disuse. And also useless for its usual purposes. It should simply be shape like a wall antique coat hooks by turning bristles upwards to serve as a very original wall hanger. Just look at this idea in which they were fix to wall a row of latches or door knobs. Then painted uniformly, to function as hangers or hangers. And although it is not common to keep many old latches, you probably have some in your attic. Being able to complete those that you lack with some new one bought in any hardware store.

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As for theme of design and style, you should not worry. Because more varied designs of these pieces, more eye-catching your DIY will be. As for this other DIY, it is perfect so that once and for all you can get revenge on that cue that just broke at time and place less indicated. They look great, right? And all you have to do to get these super chic hangers is to attach some high. Or needle studs to wall for a strong and elegant pendants, perfect for placing in bathroom or in bedroom.

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While in this case, a DIY with logs is an excellent way to take advantage of some dry or fallen tree. You only have to cut parts of its crust where a more or less sturdy trunk is born. Which you will then add directly to wall or a panel. Not all tree trunk hooks should be same or same length. As simple antique coat hooks of paint will be enough to give uniformity to this DIY wall hangers.

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