How Ornate Picture Frames Are Made Using Different

Sep 7th

Ornate Picture Frames – There are several types of picture frames. They include hand-carved ornaments made of solid wood, handmade composite ornaments applied to pre-joined frames. Mechanical compo frameworks and wooden ornaments that are mechanically implant. Frames are made of solid wood for several thousand years. There are examples from Ancient Egypt and there is a solid relationship between the Roman Catholic Church. And ornate picture frames the work of religious art for at least the last 1000 years. The Egyptians discovered the method of applying gold leaf to wood by applying a bole made of Armenian clay. The clay provides a smooth base for gold leaf to be apply. And the red color of the bole produces a delicious light to a thin layer of gold applied to it. Modern gilding today still uses identical methods to fix gold leaf to wood.

In the early example of European ornaments carved to fit the architecture of this era. The frame is often design by artists in consultation with the gardener. In many instances, frames are made before the artwork is paint. Panels and canvas to be prepare by artists use similar materials such as animal adhesives combine with calcium carbonate. Or chalk to make the sound surface begin to be paint. Carved frames are often littered with rabbit glue, water, plaster and deadly lime. The gesso mixture is applied warmly from the double boiler and is built on several layers. The last layer before plating is done with a mixture of boles where the frequent spotlights are covered with yellow ocher clay and the highlight is reddish.

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The yellow tone gives the mask for the hollow ornament parts which are not gilded. It is difficult to remove the gold leaf into every curve so the yellow tone helps disguise the missing leaves. Framers want to make ornate picture frames faster and also want to emulate a particular design to save time from exhausting tasks so they develop a mix called “compo”. Such compositions are known to be secret recipes that are essentially made of rock resin or resin that has been melted with raw linseed oil.

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This liquid resin mixture is then combined with hot rabbit skin glue and mixed quickly to emulsify the oil and water mixture. As the components are mixed the addition of fillers in the form of lime powder or whiting is added to give body material. Ornate picture frames sweep where ornament is applied on a wooden base and then coated in gold is a common example. Gilding, in this case, is usually done with Schlag metal or Dutch metal leaf. Imitation gold is made from a mixture of copper and nickel.

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