Outdoor Decorative Wire Fencing

Oct 7th

Decorative wire fencing – Wire fences are a common site in the countryside outside. The manuscript of the arable land and keep cattle where they belong. Enclosures are available in several different types depending on what you are inside the fence. Barbed wire and woven wire fencing is often used to fence pastures and pen in livestock. High tensile steel wire and electrified high-tensile steel wire used to keep cows, sheep and goats penned in and to protect the animals from predators such as coyotes.

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High-strength wire

High tensile decorative wire fencing is becoming more common because of lower costs and less maintenance required. According to the University of Tennessee Extension Service was high strength steel fence was first developed in New Zealand and later came to the United States

Use heavy posts and bracing to install this type of fencing, because the wire is stretched to a tension of 250 £. Per square inch. High tensile wire fencing works best as an electrified fence to keep the cattle inside a paddock.

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Woven wire

Woven decorative wire fencing is steel fences with vertical wires connected to the horizontal threads in a diamond pattern. The distance between the threads vary in size from 1 2/1 inches up to 12 inches. The smaller size of woven fence wire used for small animals, and the conductor area is larger for larger cattle fence enclosures.

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