Oversized Square Ottoman: Functional, Comfortable, Pleasant!

Nov 30th

The oversized square ottoman are pieces of furniture design many years ago in order to be stools to support the feet and nowadays they have become furniture of the most novel, current and original. The trends of today place them as an indispensable piece in any living room or living room and in addition their designs every day are more functional and attractive poly. Today we bring you some ideas on how to include ottomans in the decoration. The possibilities they offer are many. And varied and therefore there will be plenty of reasons to add them to our homes.

We have already talk about other wonders that can be done by recycling various materials, from wood pallets to suitcases and cardboard. But this work in which a tire is transform into a wonderful Ottoman has left me simply out of breath. As I have seen these furniture in various stores at quite high prices and look great in a country style or eclectic decor. To make this interior oversized square ottoman you will need a large old worn tire. A lot of thick rope, instant glue, two round pieces of MDF of the same diameter as the tire and 3 or 4 pieces of furniture.

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The first step is to wash the tire very well to remove any traces of dust or grease you may have. Next, the begins to glue the rope around the tire, surrounding it completely and leaving it very tight. Once the tire is cover with the rope, stick the top and bottom pieces of wood. Screw the legs to the bottom and decorate the top with glue and rope. This time following a radial pattern, as shown in the photograph. It ends by surrounding the union of the tire with the board using another piece of rope. You can now place it in your living room!

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The oversized square ottoman style has started to use as tables and really play the role well. Like beautiful cushioned coffee tables, these pieces of furniture decorate the living room. Or the living room and give it a style and can also be use for other purposes if required. The Ottoman stools can also be use as enclosures for storing objects. From a time to this part, at the level of design they have begun to make hollows and demouldables. Something that allows to store objects inside. It is certainly an excellent way to maintain order in the home and save space.

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