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June 20, 2021 Bedroom

Paint Ideas for Bedrooms for Your Growing Up Daughters

Paint ideas for bedrooms tend to use hot and mature colors which are still cool and funky, especially for your growing up daughters’ bedrooms which will look so different when they grow up. You will need to repaint their bedrooms with the colors which more represent their maturity and their youth’s spirits. For that, you can try to apply colorful themes for your daughter’s bedroom with the combination of cheerful colors, try the striking colors like yellow, green, velvet purple or bright red and then combine those colors with more natural colors like cream and white. Make some spots stand out more, for example the walls above the headboard of the bed.

Paint Ideas for Bedrooms with Re-energizing Orange Hues

Well, orange is actually quite popular nowadays, especially for teenage girls which will prefer colors which are funkier and more modern. Orange bedrooms are so recommended with its refreshing effects and the color choices are also so many, from bright neon orange colors up to mute vintage orange colors which are all so striking and divine. Try to apply these colors for all walls and then balance it with darker tones or brighter tones, if you aim for more colorful hues, then use bright colors like white or cream, if you aim for cooler look, then use darker tones like black or grey.

Paint Ideas for Bedrooms Teenage Girl with Stripes Motifs

Stripes are always suitable for teenage girl’s bedroom because it gives simple and funky look. This motif is so versatile and adjustable; you can easily paint this motif and apply it for the walls. Mostly the striking motifs are applied above the headboard wall. The stripes are commonly with striking colors which are so different with the dominant wall colors because it is purposely made for focal points. Stripes will decorate your daughter’s bedroom beautifully with the simple and trendy look and you can freely add some minor motifs if you want.

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