Painting Dark Brown Dresser

Apr 25th

All wood requires a protective surface to maximize its useful life. This is especially true of a dark brown dresser that often receives daily use, which increases wear and tear on wood surfaces. A common finishing option that you can use to provide the protection your agency needs is a layer of color. In addition to protection, the color also works as a decorative accent for your agency. Use careful masking to paint dressing sections with two colors; you can create a look for your chest of drawers that look even more that matches your chosen decor.


Place a large drop of cloth on the floor of your work area and move the chest of dark brown dresser kit to the center of the screen for painting. Remove the chest of drawers and remove any handle from the chest of drawers with a screwdriver. Apply a pair of chemically resistant gloves and a face mask to protect your skin and lungs from stripping. Remove all existing paint or paint from a chest by brushing a layer of citrus-based chemical paint remover with a brush. Wait the suggested time by the manufacturer to strip to dissolve the paint or finish. Remove stripper with a rubber package and then rinse the surface of the chest of cloth with a sponge and water. Pour the surface dry with a clean cloth.

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Wash the strip the rest with a cleaner formulated for your chest of dark brown dresser design using a piece of fabric. Clap dry and wait two hours before the agency dry completely before proceeding. Repeat stripping the process if any color or surface remains. Sand the surface smoothly with fine sandpaper and then wipe away residue with a please cloth. Mask all parts of the office that you do not intend to cover with paint with a strip of masking tape.

Brush a layer of primer over a chest of dark brown dresser using several thin layers to build up the entire coat. Apply the primer in rows, overlapping rose slightly to avoid creating obvious stripes on the surface of the office, and work together with the wood’s vein. Allow the primer to dry for two hours. Load primer with fine sandpaper to remove any brush strokes and ensure even coating. Wipe the residue from the slip from the chest of drawers with a please cloth. Remove and replace the mask tape.

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Paint the first paint on the dark brown dresser using a brush, using the same application process that you used with primer to build up the coating. Allow the paint to dry for two hours, and then sand it smoothly, remove any signs of drip or brush strokes. Wipe with a please cloth to remove residue, apply a second layer of paint then. Allow the other coat to dry overnight before grinding again and wipe with please cloth.

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