Painting Fish on Bedroom Wall Panels

Sep 22nd

Bedroom wall panels – Paint fish on your child’s bedroom wall to complete an underwater adventure, pirate or beach theme. Insert fish on a wall or create an entire aquarium by painting different types of fish on all walls. The method will be the same no matter how many fishes – or different types of fish – you want to paint. Leave at least one weekend to complete the project and prepare sleep arrangements for your child elsewhere so she will not breathe color toxins.


Prepare the room by applying target slips over any trim, window, shaping or areas of the bedroom wall panels that you do not want to paint. Remove the power switch and power outlet cover with a screwdriver. Lay a plastic tarpaulin over the floor and some furniture that you leave in the room. Paint the entire room or wall that you will work with in an underwater type of color like light blue. Instead of painting all the way up to the ceiling, consider making halfway or near the top of the wall small waves. Give the room at least one full day to dry.

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Determine how many fishes, what types and colors you want to use. Buy fish templates of different sizes, draw the fish directly on the wall easily with a pen or use transfer paper. If you are using transfer paper, you can use drawings from paint books or other sources to trace the paper, and then transfer it to the wall. Use painter tape to hold the stencils in place. Cover the water part of the bedroom wall panels if you draw the fish freehand or use transfer paper – templates are the easiest method.

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