Painting Metal Wall Art Panels

May 9th

Metal wall art panels can look complicated, but many of them are very easy to pull away. In most cases, the texture effects that really put a newly painted wall to life can be accomplished with just brush, a sponge and a piece of cloth. Glazing with an opaque coating of a second color is an important process for many painting effects, so choose your base color wisely so that you can broaden your choice of glaze colors.


Metal wall art panels called fungus begins with the application of base coat that is allowed to dry completely. The fungus is then used for application of a glaze coating that is a different color from the wall. The sponge can be any size you want, but a real sea mushroom that fits comfortably in your hand usually works best. All that is required for fungus is to bathe the fungus against the wall. To promote this effect, you can then add a second color scheme after letting the first color glaze dry. Create different effects using a different type or size of fungus.

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Stippling is a good mural effect to soften your surroundings. You may want to consider choosing alkyd color because it dries slower than latex, which gives you more time to create effect. A metal wall art panels with a different color is applied over the dried base paint. This glaze layer must remain wet to effect stippling effect. Use a rough brush to steadily jab against the wall so you begin to reveal the base color. You can create different textures by selecting other items for stippling such as stippling brush or fabric piece.

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