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June 26, 2019 Wood Bench

Pallet Wood Bench to Sit Comfortably

Pallet wood bench will also be decorative for indoor use. And here it is almost only the imagination that sets limits. While the legs and bottom of the garden bench are made up of bamboo pipes, the seat is made up of several small pieces of bamboo. This means that the seat surface is completely smooth. So that you can also use the bench as an outlet for flower pots, a lamp or whatever else you want.

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The garden bench measures 132 centimeters in length. So there is room for up to 3 people to sit comfortably next to each other.  It is an elegant garden bench in a sophisticated design that only minimizes creature. The frame and backrest are made of thin metal bars, which nevertheless form a stable foundation due to the design.

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In addition, there is a seating surface of oil-treated bamboo slats. Which adds a nice and charming expression to the bench. The garden bench has a width of 116 centimeters, so here we have to deal with a slightly smaller model. It is estimated that two people will be able to sit comfortably next to each other here, and it can either be placed indoors or outdoors.

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