Patio Curtain on Exterior Metal Wall Panels

Feb 4th

Exterior metal wall panels – Unlike a plain plaster surface, brick walls are completely solid and do not cover a frame of wood rules. To secure the curtain rail brackets to brick walls, builders must use specialized fastening hardware called solid-wall anchors. Standard core stores offer a wide range of solid wall anchors for brick and other masonry surfaces.

Whatever type, install most brickwork exterior metal wall panels requires drilling an appetizer hole in the wall surface. Builders put the anchor in the hole and drive screws or nails in the anchor. Fasteners securely secure the brackets against the wall, grasp the anchor and bring the anchor to spread and hold the sides of the opening holes.

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Metal Wall Fasteners

Hollow exterior metal wall panel’s screws are the common solutions on hanging curtain rail fasteners and other wall pads on metal walls. The term hollow wall anchor refers to a variety of screw shields and wall gripping hardware. Shield-type hollow wall anchors, which grip the sides of an appetite hole, work best in thick wall materials such as plaster. Grip-type hollow wall anchors, such as tilting bolts, are suitable for metal wall surfaces. Alternatively, sheet screws are specially designed for gripping sheet surfaces without the help of anchoring hardware.

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