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June 29, 2019 Wood Shelves

Pipe Wood Shelves in the Bathroom

Pipe wood shelves – Tubes in the bathroom always interfere with the perception of its interior. In some cases, there is no other way than to make tubing in the bathroom to hide the aesthetic details of the furniture. But this method of solving the problem has its own peculiarities that it is desirable to keep in mind. It is easy to make a pipe wood shelves box in the bathroom with your own hands, but you should take into account the special features of this room.

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High humidity and possible splashes on the walls dictate to the owner to give preference to moisture resistant materials.  For this it is possible to carry: Industrial pipe shelving has low moisture absorption capacity. Sheet materials can be easily cut and processed. They can be arranged according to the general design of the bathroom, painting, bonding of tiles or plastering, if necessary.

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In order to correct the sheet material on the industrial pipe shelving bathroom frame, in addition to GKL or other sheets, you must select the material for the guides. An alternative to the profiles can be a wooden bar. Planks 3-5 cm thick do not weight the structure and are easily connected to screws. Their only drawback may be susceptibility to rot when exposed to wet bathroom air.

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