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June 27, 2019 Wood Bed

Platform Bed Wood Design Ideas

Platform bed wood can give your bedroom an appearance of pure and modern lines. Eliminate extras, such as headboards and footboards to simplify the design and make your bedding the focal point of your site. Considering how easy they are, a prefabricated platform bed can cost a surprising amount. Fortunately, you can build your own using only standard house joinery tools. Set aside an afternoon for this project, which is well within the capabilities of woodworkers, even without experience.

Set up a 67-inch beam and a 50-inch beam together in an L-shape. The end of the 67-inch beam should face the inner side of the shorter, 50-inch beam. Screw together by means of four wood screws evenly spaced. Repeat the first step to build a second L shape with the rest of the beam 50 inches and one of the remaining beams 67 inches. Place the two L-forms together to form a rectangular frame. Screw the two corners open together as you did the corners of the L-forms.

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Slide the remaining 67-inch beam into the frame, parallel to and equidistant from the other two long beams. Screw it to the 50-inch beams using four wood screws per connection. This middle lane that will prevent the bed from sinking.  Adjust the sheet of plywood at the top of the box, with the overlap of each edge of the five-inch frame. Screw in place with a wooden screw for each corner of the frame. Reinforce with two screws spaced evenly along each side of the frame.

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