“Play” With Nightstand with Secret Compartment

Aug 16th

What would be of the decoration of our home if we focused only on its practical purposes and did not have fun with it? We would miss the opportunity given by the different components of our spaces to add layers of design and texture to our mix! Today we will “play” with the nightstand with secret compartment, that very practical and important element that supports us next to the bed and in which we can place our books, controls, glasses, lamp … among other things!

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In Color Expression we love painting! How easy it is to create change and impact with just a little bit! Sometimes it’s a matter of a color detail and you can rescue that old nightstand with secret compartment that you had stored in the attic. Being a small detail, you have the opportunity to try a deep and intense color, which are so fashionable nowadays. After a while and then you realize how much you like it and you dare to use it in a bigger space!

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A basket with a couple of pieces of wood and that’s it! nightstand with secret compartment with natural texture! Ensure that the basket has a firm frame and protects the finish with Lanco Polyurethane Varnish. How about if you use a few wooden boxes? You could make a degradation of colors so that it looks super interesting.

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