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January 14, 2020 Interior

Pleasant Media Room Furniture

A few years ago there was not much choice. The telephones had so much depth that only the option of placing them in the media room furniture, in a low and forceful or, at most, in a cart. But luckily the TVs went on a diet, and they lost weight with the arrival of the flat screen. Nowadays we can say that, in the living room, they are almost as important as the sofa. How far is it? And the optimum height? Yes, we also respond to this, with spoilers of the upcoming trends included. If you have a few meters the best option is to hang the TV on the wall, because it does not take up space.

Just make sure the wall will hold up well to your weight (to give you an idea: a 42 “TV weighs about 15 kg) and chooses the most suitable anchorages (usually the manufacturer provides this information). To hang it, the simplest – and economic – is to do it with fixed supports, but there are tiltable or with arm to be able to separate it from the wall, and even with remote control. But the simplest solution – let’s say, the whole of life – is to support the TV on a low piece of media room furniture.

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In this case the ideal is that it includes a rotating foot to be able to direct it. And that the furniture has a hole in the back part to be able to pass the cables. The bigger the better! Of course, we all like to watch TV as if we were in the movies. But do not get out of hand. Because if you do not have the necessary distance you end up watching the movies as a game of tennis. And the same thing happens otherwise. With televisions too small for the space in which they are.

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Well, besides leaving your eyes, it will look ridiculous. How to get it right? Every 10 “of the screen requires 50 cm of separation from the sofa. And the perfect height? Very simple: make sure the center of the screen is at the same height of the eyes. Usually the eyes of average height of a person seated are at a distance of between 85. And 100 cm of the ground. If you watch TV from the bed media room furniture ideas, place a holder or a base that allows you to tilt it a little down.

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