Pressure Mounted Pet Gates Plan

Nov 15th

Pressure mounted pet gates – Many pet owners and their pets enjoy the freedom of having a pet gate. Most pet doors installed in an existing door. Another option for pet gates is a wall mount. The installed on an exterior wall of a house or garage. Choosing a wall mount allows more placement options than a mounting door. Measure the distance from your pet’s belly to the ground, using a tape measure. This will be the starting height for the bottom of the pet door on the wall. Use the study finder to find the uprights on the chosen wall. Some nail detector is equipped to locate electrical cables as well. This type is recommended so that cutting through wiring when creating the pet door hole is avoided.

Draw the shape of the hole on the inside of the wall, using a pencil. The hole should fit between existing posts, if possible. Check the specifications listed on the size pressure mounted pet gates so the hole size is needed to accommodate it. Drill a hole in the four corners of the box drawn, using your electric drill. The drill bit in the drill should be large enough to easily fit the jigsaw blade. Cut a hole along the drawn line, with the jigsaw. Pull the scrap of loose plasterboard and dispose of it. Drill the four corners again, from the inside to the outside. This will ensure that the holes inside and outside your computer. Move outward and remove the carton, using the holes as guides.

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Cut along the drawn lines and remove the scrap piece. You should now have a pet door hole to mount on the inside. Construct a frame around the inside of the hole. This should look like a tunnel from the inside of your house out. Cut the board 2 by 4 inches by 8 feet with the chop saw to adjust as needed. Secure the frame of your walls with three-inch wood screws and the Phillips screwdriver tip into the electric drill. Seal the gaps in the frame with putty. You do not want moisture to seep into your walls and create mold problems. Install pressure mounted pet gates following the instructions provided. Most doors have two pieces; one inserted from the inner side and fits with the inserted side from the outside. Use the provided hardware (screws or bolts) to secure the pet door to the frame.

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