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Gray Three Drawer Nightstand

Special Three Drawer Nightstand in Bedroom

October 18, 2019 Nightstands Design

Pretty Off White Nightstand Color

What do you think about off white nightstand? Called night tables or auxiliaries, it is precisely their name, which indicates their function. In charge of supporting heavy books, ornaments, photos, lamps and others, these tables accompany us every night as we fall under the spell of Morpheo. Undoubtedly one of the benefits of the bedside tables is to have a support surface. Sometimes, space is not enough for the myriad of things one wants to have on hand.

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At that time, an extra plan comes in handy and for that, off white nightstand has been created with hidden, sliding or folding trays. A practical and economical idea is to arrange our books in use and stack them as if it were a night table. A decontractured, picturesque and intellectual look (stacking fashion magazines does not count). Probably, an excellent option for those whose beds have a higher elevation than the standard.

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These off white nightstand shelves allow us to accommodate our belongings at the desired height and also take advantage of the free space below. If we take advantage of the surface, we can not only take advantage of the sides, but also invade the territory of the head. In this example, we see how saved or display space was gained by placing shelves behind the bed.

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