Queen Metal Headboard Ideas

Dec 16th

Top your bed with a queen metal headboard and make the eye-catching focal point of your room. Even metal often like a hard, cold material combined with softness sheets and pillows, this material takes a striking, inviting look. With a little creativity, you can make a one-of-a-kind metal goblet that will put some interest in your room and make your bed pop.


Turn a metal trellis into a bedside plate. You can either buy new metal trellis from a home improvement shop for a clean look. Visit a thrift store or save the yard to find an old piece and create a vintage look of queen metal headboard design in your bedroom. Hang a single metal trellis on the wall behind your bed in a horizontal position, or attach two or three trellis to the wall behind your bed in a vertical arrangement. Create a bed sheet from corrugated sheet metal. Buy a sheet of corrugated metal from a home improvement store in the size you want the bedspread to be. For a discreet, yet eye-catching modern look, use sheet-like-like. Alternatively, draw a design on the metal with a marker and cut the design with a tiger saw with metal cutting equipment. Attach the corrugated metal to the wall behind the bed.

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Turn a queen metal headboard gate into a decorative queen metal headboard. As with trellis, use a new metal grind for a clean look, or use an old grind for a vintage look. Hang a single gate above your bed in a vertical or horizontal fashion. Alternatively, hang a large decorative landscape on the wall directly above the bed and hang a gate on each side of the image.

Use your metal bed sheet as home decor. Try wiring glass votive holders across one side of it, and stand up in front of your fireplace for a warm-weather fireplace screen. If your queen metal headboard is queen size or king size, hang it on the wall over the couch instead of the expected framed painting. If your bathroom or dresser’s mirror is small or lacking architectural interest, use a bedside table in the background. Hang the gable on the wall above your vanity or chest of drawers, and then fasten the mirror to the gable, which allows the bedside to frame the mirror.

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Find more Ideas

Use your imagination and creativity to find even more uses for your old metal bed sheet. Visit flea markets and antique stores to get your creative juices flowing. Ask friends for ideas and brainstorm with them to see what you can come together. If your queen metal headboard is simply not right for any of the ideas you come up with, recover it. A metal recycling center can even pay you for it, depending on the type of metal your bed sheet is made of.

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