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December 12, 2019 Nightstands Design

Rattan Nightstand: We Naturally Love It

The rattan nightstand is equipped with a small drawer, but with the storage shelf below the drawer there is still plenty of room for the small book collection. The table is combined with the delicate pendant lamps, which is made of stone paper and slate of ash. The white pendulum and the white pointed legs on the bedside table create a light and airy expression, as we like. We think the table and the lamp are as well-tense as their names suggest.

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Nevertheless, we would like to show it, as we naturally love it. Rattan nightstand is a handmade modular storage unit that is available in different sizes and can be stacked for different purposes.  Here are two small modules stacked on top of each other, so there is plenty of storage space. The wicker nightstand and the lamp fit together as they are both cylindrical and the tree on them both has a little extra play.

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Together they create a Nordic, minimalist and bright expression that fits into a quiet bedroom atmosphere. The low lamp also compensates for the bedside table at the higher end. The combination of the rattan nightstand and the Stone lamp is ideal for those who want to create a dark and cozy mood, with a masculine touch.

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