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July 3, 2019 Wood Shelves

Real Wood Floating Shelves as a Fireplace Chimney

Installing real wood floating shelves above a fireplace instead of a fireplace is an effective way to save money without losing the features and functionality of a mantelpiece. The purchased floating shelves often come with an installation panel that mounts directly to the wall. Floating shelves should be installed on top of a chimney and mounted on wall studs to ensure that the floating platform gets the proper support it needs. The installation process only takes a couple of hours with the right tools and materials.

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Place a beam detector on the wall above the fireplace where you want the floating platform to function as the shelf. Turn on the beam detector and drag through the wall from left to right. Use a pencil to make a mark on the wall when the device is turned on. Find at least two wall studs inside the wall to support the floating platform ledge. Prepare the power drill by inserting the drill bit into the drill. Set six installation screws next to the chimney.

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Place the floating shelf bracket on the wall, and place a level on the top of the installation bracket. This will ensure that the support is placed evenly on the wall. Also, check the marks made on the wall studs to make sure that the bracket overlaps the two marks.

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